Prophecykeepers Native Wisdom and Preppers Library is the most comprehensive prophecy encyclopedia in the world. included in the library are Blueotter's four Kindle books, including 160 articles from 60 different indigenous nations -- from BOTH the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, literally from "Abenaki to Zulu."

 All 180+ past interviews can also be downloaded and saved.

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The Earthchanges Spiritual and Physical Readiness e-Library

by Will Anderson, "Blueotter" -- A Chickamauga Cherokee, Speaker for the White Roots of Peace Council and the host of Prophecykeepers Radio click to listen to the interview with Blueotter that started off Prophecykeepers Radio

Read our May 2003 press release concerning the ASTONISHING fulfillment of the prediction made by the Hopi Elders in concert with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf on the Art Bell Show, in June 18-19 1998

The Prophecykeepers Library

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AUDIO PROPHECY e-BOOK VERSIONS (unsuitable for reading/printing)
Intro][ Book 2][ Book 3][Book 4]

The Prophecykeepers Trilogy e-books (read and/or print):

How to Prosper During the End of the World as You Know It

Visual Version
Trilogy Introduction

Audio Version: Trilogy Introduction
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Encyclopedia of Prophecies of Peoples of the
Eastern Hemisphere

Visual Version
Trilogy Book One

Audio Version: Trilogy Book One
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Encyclopedia of Prophecies of Peoples of the
Western Hemisphere

Visual Version
Trilogy Book Two

Audio Version: Trilogy Book Two
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The Communal Way of Tribal Life that Jesus Taught

Visual Version
Trilogy Book Three

Audio Version: Trilogy Book Three
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Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers

Written by Joshua & Desy Shapiro - Click Here to read it!

If you are interested in our more comprehensive e-book (including the prophecies involving the skulls), it will be available in February (we are shooting for a February 11th, 2004 date for our Grand Opening), please feel free to visit our website for more information or make sure you join our mailing list so you will be one of the first to know when its ready. Check it out at:

Elder's Messages


A letter from Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj - Wandering Wolf - Chief Mayan Elder

A message from Willaru Huayta - Quechua Indian of Peru - Inka Spiritual Leader

[Image] A message from Don Hunbatz Men - Mayan Daykeeper

Highly Valuable Preparedness Information

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Nuclear War Survival Skills By Cresson Kearney (Listen to Cresson Kearney sound file)
( Suppressed By The
U.S. Government, Which Commissioned It! )
A Homemade Fallout Meter, The KFM - How to Make and Use It
Learn how to construct a  "KFM:" or Karney Fallout Meter -- a fallout meter from household materials
- no batteries ever needed!

Emergency Rescue Training (Internet Link only - print out ASAP!)

It is a guide to emergency "spot" training of expanded
rescue forces by civil defense rescue cadremen who have
been trained in OCD-approved light or heavy duty rescue.

Expedient Shelter Design  (Internet Link only - print out ASAP!)

You may be interested in seeing captioned photos of some of the practical filed testing upon which NWSS is based, today I had the enclosed copy made for you.

Fighting Chance: 10 Feet to Survival (Internet Link only - print out ASAP!)
The civil defense shelters recommended in this book would also protect the American people from fallout from nuclear power plant accidents, tornados, future chemical or biological accidents or warfare, and some types of terrorist threats.

Hebrew KFM Instructions  (Internet Link only - print out ASAP!)

More Excellent Preparedness e-books

Easy Plant Progation (Must be connected to the internet when you click this link)

Food Storage FAQ

[Image]The New Three R's - Reconstruction, Recovery And Renewal

[Image]How To Survive A Nuclear Attack: Protect And Survive (Click, & Then Click “Open”)
[Image]Home Security: How To Protect Your Family And Your Property (Click, & Then Click “Open”)
[Image]How To Survive A Chemical Or Biological Attack (Click, & Then Click “Open”)
[Image]Disaster Preparation Kit
[Image]Terrorism Incorporated: Profiles Of Terrorists (Click, & Then Click “Open”)
[Image]Cast Iron Cooking (Click, & Then Click “Open”)

Jungle Snafus... and remedies

All speeches have to do with the protection of either the American Public or the protection and equipping of the American Infantry Soldier. Rare pearls of wisdom from his career with jungle expedition starting in the 1930's.

requires Internet connection and download>> [Image] Macintosh | Unix/Linux | Previous Windows Versions

1994 Kearny - Preventing Death in Nuclear War and the Jungle - about 1 hour

1995 Kearny - Malaria and Other Hazards-the State of Our Defenses- about 1 hour

1996 Kearny - Survival vs. Denial and Avoidance- about 1 hour

1997 Kearny - Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Civil Defense - about 1 hour

1998 Kearny - War-Winning and War-Losing: Equipment and Ideas - about 1 hour

1999 Kearny - Jungle Snafus, Remedies, Upcoming Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Snafus - about 1 hour

U.S. Military Survival Manuals
and many more on SELF RELIANCE Cd #2

U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

Multi-Service Survival Manual -
Survival, Evasion and Recovery


Install Power Point Viewer first!

Ham Radio Tech Class


Food Storage Calculator (Click, & Then Click “Open”)

Culbreth's Materia  Medica - on The Self Reliance Files CD-ROM

Self Defense

Learn Pressure Point Self Defense

Strikes To The Head And Neck
The Iron Glove

Knife and Axe

Axe throwing
Hawk throwing
How to throw
John's throwing style
Knife throwing 1
The throw
Throw tomahawks
Tomahawk Targets
US Army Manual Of Arms Sword
USMC knife fighting

The Survival X-Files

"Break the Glass"  - Read In Case Of Terrorist Attack / Invasion / War

Preparedness Articles

11 Steps To Survival
Attack On America
Basic Rescue Skills
Fight Depression
Removal_Of_Strontium-89 and Calcium-45 From_Milk
Above Ground Fallout Shelter
Biological Warfare FAQ

Body Armor for Mines

Capt Dave's Survival Guide

Civil Defense Shelters

Common Sense to being Prepared

Emergency Preparedness

Fallout Shelter Modified Ceiling

Fallout Shelter Tilt up storage

Government Bunker Busters

Homemade Fallout Meter

Israeli Protected Space shelters

National Security Emergencies

Shelter Plans Concrete Block

Survival Guns

The Granddaddy Of All Underground Storage Areas

You CAN survive doomsday

Pioneer Living Skills

Vital Skills And Equipment Articles

Herbal Medicine


[Image]Bicycle Pedal_Powered_Generator


[Image]Biodiesel_- Alek Snew
[Image]Biodiesel  Make_Your_Own
[Image]Biodiesel_Make Your Own #2


[Image]Alternator Test
[Image]Coil Arrangements
[Image]Microwave Generator
[Image]Wood Ax




[Image]Motor Alternator




[Image]Blade Design
[Image]Tail Mounting


Saving Seeds
The_Farmstead_Book 1


[Image]Alternator Regulator
[Image]Float Switch
[Image]Gas To Propane
[Image]Led Conversion
Scythe Book
Simple Machines




Cold_Climate_Solar_Hot Water
[Image]Solar - Review Of Solar Cooker Designs
Solar_Water_Heating - A_Do-It-Yourself_Guide


Building_A_Home_Still: A Step By Step Guide


Build a home_distillery

Starting Your Own Wine Business


Wild Food Recipes

[Image]Native American Indian Recipes

Miscellaneous Food/Water Info

Purifying Water

Miscellaneous Other Information


Drinking Water
Emergency Food Preparation



Healing Power Of Herbs

Herbs In Clinical Practice


How Much Land?


Landslides And Mudslides




Medicinal Plants

Nuclear Power Plant



Setting Up A Group

Shelters And Camps

Survival Packs



FEMA Civilian Emergency Response Training - CERT Training

Forbidden Knowledge

General Books for Background

Group Security




Pioneer Know How

Police State


Radio Frequencies 

Unarmed Combat

US Army Survival Manual

Makeshift Weapons (Use only to defend the lives of your family if invaded by a hostile foreign power)

The Book of Mormon


1830 Book of Mormon: translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. by means of the "Urim and Thummim interpreters" and later by means of a "Seer Stone." (Smith. led by an Angel, found the Plates near Palmyra, New York in 1820 - in the ground in a stone box - along with the "Breastplate" "Liahona" or "directors" and the "Sword of Laban" ) The book was addressed to the American Indians. Smith was instructed by God only to translate te plates and give the translation to the Indians and never to claim any gift but divine translation. He later claimed to be a "Propeghct, Seer and Revelator" and did not follow God's instructions and "fell" just as God said he would. He actually fell out of a window and was murdered by a mob by firing squad. Three other men actually witnessed the Gold Plates and thought they "fell out" with Joseph Smith, they never recanted their testimonies. This is an exact digital reproduction of the Original Palmyra Manuscript -- the earliest written translation -- of the "Plates of Gold" or the first "Palmyra edition" published at Palmyra, New York, in 1830.

1830 "Palmyra Manuscript" - Digitized copy of the original manuscript - not a copy of the purported "Book of Mormon" in use today by the L.D.S. and R.L.D.S. Churches -- this is the original - unmolested - book.

The totally unique Book of
Mormon "Weights and Measures" still in use by Indians
in Guatemala today!