Experience Vital Energy, More Water and Nutrients to Blood Cells

Eliminate Wastes and toxins at a Faster Rate!

Two Excellospheres™ placed in one gallon of drinking water for 4 hours creates vital energy in your water. Drinking several glasses of Excellosphere water per day will help accelerate the ability of the body's natural functions by supplying more water and nutrients to blood cells, assisting in faster and more efficient elimination of wastes and toxins.

Most tap and bottled water loses this vital energy through environmental conditions and chemical processing. Low energy water can create a multitude of health problems such as bloating, indigestion, joint pain and fatigue.

Persons drinking Excellosphere water report feeling emotionally balanced ~ centered ~ less stressed ~ focused with mental clarity ~ fully present - and Healthy!

Numerous studies point to cellular dehydration (lack of enough water in blood cells) as a major cause of illness.

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