MORMONS  FALL AWAY, FULFILLING BOOK OF MORMON PROPHECY: Signaling the Coming of A Future Indian Prophet

Sequel to The Mormons "missed appointment" with Wovoka and the Dance of Welcome at Walker Lake in 1889-90

A Position paper by Will Blueotter


Mormons were originally taught by their founders that someday they would follow a "Future Indian Prophet," who's name might be Joseph or even possibly Lehi, who would be lawgiver to all the world. This was stated as a footnote in the English language edition of "Book Of Mormon" up until 1909, and up to 1920 in the spanish language edition. The original footnote by Orson Pratt was removed at that time, and now the chapter heading of the Utah edition of the Book of Mormon states that this Choice Seer is/was Joseph Smith Jr. How can this possibly be true, because Joseph Smith's genealogy is completely accounted for, and he is totally descended from european immigrants tot he Americas -- and not a descendant of the original inhabitants of this country.

Joseph Smith, in his final address to the High Council in Nauvoo, Illinois, stated that if the Mormons didn't shape up, that another RACE would be taken to another PLACE in the Rockies, and they, not the Mormons, would "Redeem Zion", or build the perfect society which would be received by the Creator himself, and visited by his representatives personally.

Joseph Smith and the church's twelve apostles also stated in a Proclamation to all of the Emperors, Kings, Princes, and heads of state in the world at the time that "The poor degraded son of the forest "(Indians) would someday "Stand up in majesty."

Brigham Young, who succeeded Joseph Smith warned the Mormons that "Our hope lies with the Indians" and "The Indians will yet save us," and "When they come, I fear that we will only follow them."

Other early Mormons, Heber C. Kimball in particular (Brigham Young called him "his prophet) prophesied of their most important future leader -- The Choice Seer, "an Indian Prophet" that would be their "One Like Unto Moses" and would lead them out of bondage from an evil world system just prior to the return of the Messiah. If you are interested, I can send you a copy of the prophecy Xeroxed from the 1909 version of the Book of Mormon, footnoted by Parley P. Pratt, one of the churches early Apostles. I hope to have a scanned version of this page on this website soon. All of these facts have now been conveniently forgotten by current Mormons leaders, and anyone like me who brings them up is excommunicated and/or persecuted.

This "Choice Seer" was also mentioned prominently in "Testament of Levi" published in London in 1789 along with "The Testimonies of The Twelve Patriarchs."

The "Marred Servant of Isaiah 52:13 may be the same future leader, as well as "The Branch" Prophet from 2 Nephi Chapter 3 in the Book of Mormon,

In 2 Nephi Chapter 3 there are clues as to this Choice Seer's actual (or spiritual) name. Indians receive "secret names" that are never to be revealed to White Men... similar to Mormon "new names" given to men and women in their temples rites. 

Readers usually assume his name will be Joseph, BUT they miss the point that the person SPEAKING this scripture is Lehi. Confusion is caused because Lehi is quoting Joseph of Egypt -- father of Ephraim and Mannaseh -- but a careful reading reveals the possibility that the Indian Prophet's name is "Lehi.

2 Nephi 3:15 "And his name shall be called after me; and it shall be after the name of his father. And he shall be like unto me; for the thing, which the Lord shall bring forth by his hand, by the power of the Lord shall bring my people unto salvation."

A gratuitous (in my opinion) book "The Great White Chief: The Valley of the Blue Moon" M.M. Maier, Publishers CHT Limited. It was written by a "Mother Mary" (Mary Maier)of North Hollywood, CA, in 1960, purporting to the the travelogues of Paul and Natoni Nezbah. Xeroxed copies of this book have med the rounds of Mormon Fundamentalists since that time -- but no one but myself seems willing to cast a critical eye on this very rare book  -- which I own a copy of.

In this book, Mary Maier puts forth the idea that the subject of the book, the prophet of the King Mountains in Michoacan Eacha Ta Eacha Na's name was actually Joseph, and was supposedly the son of 32 men before him -- all named Joseph... but remember that this is also the woman who popularized the idea that Mount Shasta is the abode of "Ascended Masters"

In any case, we know from this chapter that he would be a descendant of Joseph of Egypt. In any case, we know from this chapter that he would be a descendant of Joseph of Egypt.

This would be within the realm of possibility, because the Book of Mormon describes descendants of Joseph of Egypt as migrating to the Americas.

Brigham Young at the Provo, Utah Bowery Conference in 1867 Brethren, this Church will be led onto the very brink of hell by the leaders of this people. Then God will raise the one mighty and strong spoken of in the 85th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants, to save and redeem this church.

Joseph Smith, who founded the LDS and RLDS churches, told the Latter-day Saints they were "identified with the Gentiles."

The title page of 1830 Book of Mormon specifically categorizes the people of the world into three categories, the Lamanites (American Indians), Jews, and Gentiles. Although Joseph Smith and others who established the church are members of the House of Israel, and the church has members of that lineage today, known as the descendants of Ephraim, the present LDS church is referred to in the scriptures as the Gentiles, as gentiles make up the primary membership of the church today.

Joseph Smith also affirmed the distinction in his dedicatory prayer (Doctrine and Covenants 109, verse 60) of the Kirtland Temple: “, who are identified with the Gentiles.” This is a very important delineation necessary for interpreting the Book of Mormon prophecies such as 3 Nephi, Chapter 16.

In Brigham Young's time, Mormons started claiming to be "Israel" and referred to non-Mormons as "Gentiles."

Are Mormons Israel?

The "Lost Tribes" of Israel migrated to Northern Europe after their apostasy from the Sinai Covenant 2600 about years ago. Most of the Tribe of Benjamin escaped  - earlier - because the wrath of the other 11 tribes in the incident of the rape of a Hebrew woman by non-Hebrews  -- which Benjamin steadfastly refused to avenge because of friendship and commercial ties with the rapist's tribal relatives. 1/2 of Benjamites left on Phoenician boats...  and traveled to Scandinavia, The British Isles and to a smaller extent elsewhere in Europe. All the other Benjamite men -- save 600 men from one village - we put to death by the other 11 tribes. The first 2 Kings of Israel descended from some of these 600 men.

Regardless of all this ancient apostasy, Lost Israel (among them Mormons) may ethically (even under current rabinnical doctrines) lay claim to tribal identity as members of the Tribes of Israel through their biological fathers, but lack Sinai covenental recognition from God through their biological mothers.

Mormons were the first non-Jewish group to lay claim to being "Lost Israel," fulfilling long-held Jewish Prophecies.

Today, there is a smaller movement among non-Jewish Christians who are keenly aware of this fact, which call themselves "Joes" as opposed to "Jews."

In the Book of Mormon, a resurrected Jesus Christ leveled prophetic charges of FUTURE iniquity among members of his L.D.S. church in the last days -- prophesying in these words:

"At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel...and shall be filled with all manner of lying, and of deceit, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations..." (3 Nephi 16:10)


Before we proceed further, let me walk you through some interesting (to say the least) experiences I  personally had while an active Mormon between 1977 and 1985.

I was a faithful Mormon for 7 years.

After gaining a testimony of the truth off the Book of Mormon in my senior year of high school, I converted myself and travelled to Salt Lake City in 1977 at the age of 21. I was raised in a non-Mormon home by parents who believed in the Book of Mormon.

Soon after mormon baptism, I married Joanne Mary Woody, a Cherokee descendant and a returned missionary 8 years my senior,  a scant 3 months later.

Joanne taught me the concept of "listening to the spirit," which I only partially understood at the time of her death due to Cancer at age 49 in 1995.

With her loving assistance, I finished my Bachelor's degree an Brigham Young University, and became a professional with The Boy Scouts of America. I finished my degree in Youth Leadership at Brigham Young University, and went to work for the Boy Scouts of America for three years... a feat in itself considering the average Scouting professional lasts 6 months in that difficult profession. Later working alongside Joanne, we went to work a Boystown as a Family Living Instructor and at Youth Homes Inc. in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

My first encounter with Creator's prophetic voice came in 1983 when one morning I awoke after hearing these words" An attempt will be made on the life of Joanne Mary Anderson during the dark of the moon." Though we expected an immediate fulfillment of this dire prediction. It wasn't fulfilled until 12 years later when she passed away from Cancer on April 29, 1995. Interestingly, her first bout with breast cancer occurred 2 weeks after the warning voice. Her other breast was removed in 1989... and by late 1994 the cancer had spread to her liver and bones.

My wife Joanne and I went through many many wonderful experiences -- and some very sad experiences as members of the Mormon church -- all seemingly designed by providence to teach us that,  judging from the prophecies taught to the L.D.S. Church from the beginning, by 1985 something was VERY WRONG in the "Mormon" Church... that all was NOT well in Zion.

Joanne was active in the faith since 1962, and between then and the time we married in 1977, she saw MANY obvious changes in the attitudes of local and general Mormon leaders... as they slowly began discouraging teachings held sacred from the church's formative years. In other words, THE foundation teachings of the church.

"All Things in Common" ( aka "Zion") was done away with in the 1880s, and Polygamy was publicly banned by the Church in 1890, but secretly practiced by Church leaders sometime after that, and was later forced completely underground. Many polygamy groups sprang up. Error and abuse was and is common in most polygamy groups -- but one group at Centennial Park, AZ seems fairly "normal" or even affluent by american standards except for the fact of more than one wife in the home. In other words - its a mixed bag. 

Polygamy teachings has never been removed from official church canon -- but anyone caught living a "plural family" lifestyle is excommunicated.

When Church President Ezra Taft Benson passed away, among the high leadership of the Mormon church, Elder H. Verlan Anderson, (who passed away in 1992) was virtually alone in believing and warning that there is a socialist-communist conspiracy to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and that this conspiracy has it tentacles around the primary organs of society, including government, media, education, church, business.

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY UPON ELDER ANDERSON'S July 16, 1992 DEATH the church repudiated -- on November 14, 1992, (through the relatively lowly offices of Utah Area South President Elder Malcomb Jeppsen) most of the beliefs that actually made Mormons a "peculiar people" which USED to be the whole "point" of being a Mormon.

Elder Jeppsen earned the moniker "Malcomb X" by encouraging the excommunication of hundreds (if not thousands) of the L.D.S. church's finest patriots, home schoolers, preparedness experts, and THE best tithe payers!


Joanne and I usually got "handed our heads" by our closest of Mormon friends if we tried to tell them our concerns about the church's incremental apostasy. It seemed that storing food, watching for governmental abuse, and being a good neighbor was a tough way of life to live, and many of the people who remained in the church seemed to heave a collective sigh of relief to be unburdened of those responsibilities. So we kept our mouths shut, and watched and waited as the layers of the "Onion of Truth" were peeled away.

Most people would have simply just given up and walked away from the L.D.S. Church after what happened to us, but our sense of concern for our neighbors and for the spiritual destiny of Indians was so intense that we felt the need -- in fact felt COMMANDED -- to warn our neighbors -- if we were ever to hold our head up in Creator's presence on judgment day.

I read the Book of Mormon as a youth. My non-Mormon parents hated organized religion -- and for good reason. Oddly, my parents kept a copy of the Book Of Mormon on a marble end table in our living room for over 10 years while I grew up in southern California. They liked the Mormons they met, and admired the strong stand for morality that Mormons took. Dad didn't like the idea of tithing, and I later found out that the L.D.S. Church had even changed the way they collected tithes over the years... from 10% of what you have after family/business expenses are paid... or your "profits" for the year -- changed to 10% of your entire income before taxes! No wonder the L.D.S. Church is so rich.  

It took me years (and a lot of help from dreams and vision) to decipher enough true Mormon history, and in fact, before I was mature -- I had proved to myself that there wasn't much about Mormon doctrine and practice that has not changed since 1830.

I know I am probably boring you to death, but what you are about to read simply astounds me to this day, 32 years after I moved to Salt Lake City when I was 21 years old. The mere fact that I learned what I did might have been a matter of blind luck -- but I KNOW better. There are NO coincidences.

When Joseph Smith was a young man, in upper New York State in 1830, the area in which he lived was known as the "burned over district" because of all the sectarian religious excitement that was taking place there. Everyone in his family had joined one church or another. Confused and concerned, he knelt to pray in a nearby grove of trees, and prayed fervently to know which of the churches he was true. Then he saw a light directly over his head. He heard a voice say:

Joseph Smith was later shown the spiritual leadership destiny of American Indians, and was simply instructed to translate the Book of Mormons and give it to the Indians. He was told that they were to build up the Kingdom of God with only the ASSISTANCE of white peoples.

Joseph Smith gave a revelation, that the time was then at hand, and they began to gather into Jackson County, Missouri, at once. They were too hasty. The time to build that city had not yet come, because Christ says that the "remnant of Jacob" (the seed of Lehi, unto whom this land was consecrated) are the people who shall build that city, and the Gentiles are only to assist them to build it. The other people who shall also assist them to build that city are "as many of the house of Israel as shall come" into the covenant.

His successor Brigham Young later reiterated this same basic doctrine.

After the "First Vision" Mormon history gets murky real fast. Most believe Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, but Joseph himself wrote in his own handwriting that he only saw an one person.

Later, when people in England starting converting to the religion Smith founded, that story of Joseph Smith's "First Vision" was rewritten some 15 times over a 9 year period. BUT don't try to tell most Mormons that the history they were taught over the years is not pristine. Many or most are the "true believer" types who have been conditioned to follow blindly -- even though the earliest church leaders excoriated Mormons for blind belief -- even going so far as to say of Mormons didn't stop following leaders blindly, their leader Brigham Young said those leaders would lead them "to the brink of hell." To some extent, he was the pot calling the kettle black!

Today, Mormons are looked upon by US law enforcement officials as the most gullible victims of scam and Ponzi (pyramid) schemes in the United States. As Brigham Young warned, that Salt Lake Valley has become among the 10 most wicked places in the world... if you consider the statistics of rape in the valley. Mormon women are statistically more clinically depressed than other groups and take more Prozac than most other groups of women.




My purpose here is to separate truth from error and set Mormon minds free:

1. To compare and contrast the original instructions to Mormons with the instructions given to The Hopi and The Cherokee -- and to tell you about miscarriages of justice against Indian peoples.

2. To rebuke many modern-day Mormon leaders who teach doctrines unauthorized by their predecessors which are taught in the church today... and that the L.D.S. church is under condemnation -- Ezra Taft Benson's description - not mine.

3. To restore some truths to good-hearted members of the L.D.S. Church.

4. To explode the myth recently promulgated by some modern leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are infallible... in contradiction of ALL previous Mormon doctrine.

5. To warn that unless there s repentance, many Mormons are under a Book of Mormon scriptural curse - and anyone who blindly follows them will suffer as their leaders do.  

I do not come to start a new religion, or gain a "following," but simply to restore some truths originally taught to Mormons by their church founders-- and to set these men and women free.

I do not come to promote polygamy or ANY of the "splinter groups" or any offshoot churches of the L.D.S. Church. These groups are all disregarding their "original set of instructions" for the very same reasons that L.D.S. Leaders do today - to get gain.

Blueotter comes to restore Book of Mormon teachings - no to tear down the Mormon Church.

But sadly, Creator may have to "crack a few eggs to make an omelette."

Much of the doctrinal information presented above came from the book Keys of the Priesthood Illustrated which is labeled as a "controversial work" by the L.D.S. Church - which shows they admit that although they may be suppressing this information  -- which is indeed arguable -- but CANNOT be labeled as "apostate book" by anyone conversant in the foundational doctrines of their own church. The problem is that the VAST majority of Mormons today have NO CLUE what those foundational doctrines are, and act only as sycophants to their leaders.

Brigham Young at the Provo, Utah Bowery Conference in 1867 said, "Brethren, this Church will be led onto the very brink of hell by the leaders of this people. Then God will raise the one mighty and strong spoken of in the 85th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants, to save and redeem this church."

Keys of the Priesthood Illustrated by authored by Lynne and Steven Bishop, and published in 1971 by Rhea Kunz dba Review and Preview Publishers.

If Mormons actually read their own 1830 Book of Mormon -- instead of their recent edited Utah version with over 4,000 unauthorized changes -- and looked at the destiny laid out by Joseph Smith as opposed to their later evil actions against American Indians, they might begin to understand where they stand before their Creator -- they might avoid the calamitous judgments awaiting them if they made some changes.

Time for Mormon Church leaders to publicly "fess up" and repent. It is as simple as that.

Changes to the Book of Mormon

About Will "Blueotter"

Will "Blueotter"  is a mixed-blood Cherokee Indian -- legally recognized by The State of Alabama. He is webmaster for The Original Keetoowah Society... a society that was long ago told by Creator that they were the "Chief Tribe" of all Indian Tribes in The Americas, and IF ANY MESSAGE WAS TO BE DELIVERED TO THE TRIBES, IT WOULD COME THROUGH KEETOOWAH PROPHETS.

View a video on this subject recorded by KJRH-TV in Tulsa Oklahoma, in 1984.

Blueotter's traditional teachers included Chickamauga Cherokee Grandfather John "Rolling Thunder" Pope of the Paint Clan who was taught by Amoneeta Sequoyah and appeared in the Billy Jack films, Chickamauga Cherokee Adawehi Richard "Noksi Galagina"
Craker who was taught by Cherokee Adawehi Elmer Casteel,  and John "Red Hat" Duke of the Long Hair Clan, who was enrolled in both the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and The United Keetowah Band of Cherokee Indians. 

Blueotter is a descendant (through the Cherokee Franklins) of Savanukah through the Keetoowah Bloodline. ca. 1776 Savanukah was "The Raven of Chota" - nephew of Principal Chief and Emperor Oconostota's and spokesman for the nation -- blood heir to the Nation -- and was war chief to the Cherokee Nation. He also descends from Cherokee Medicine Man Gardner Greene of the Wolf Clan who was listed on the 1835 Henderson Emigration Rolls.

In Cherokee cosmology, The Raven (Cherokee language =Colonah) is a shapeshifter who travels between this world and the spirit world. The Raven takes the form of the human being in order to transfer medical knowledge and healing to the Cherokee people. Check out Blueotter's "Nvwoti" Cherokee Medicine Blog.

In 2004, Blueotter founded Prophecykeepers Foundation (A Congressional District Program) He hosted Prophecykeepers Radio and has archived over 150 hours of freely downloadable interviews with native elders and their confidantes from around the world. He has written 4 books on the subject of Native Prophecy.

He was a protege of the late John "Red Hat" Duke, the Cherokee elder recognized by the last three Hopi Kykmongwi (village chiefs) at Oraibi as Pahana or "The True White Brother."

Blueotter was given a remarkable prophecy by Creator's voice in a dream in March of 1998... a prophecy which he was commanded to write down and place on the Internet... a prophecy so remarkable that Rabbi Michael Schelomo Bar-Ron -- a Levitical Priest in Jerusalem (then a spokesman for The Revived Sanhedrin) started watching for possible fulfillment of the prophecy in fall of 2005. That Rabbi landed in Houston, Texas for a pre-arranged trip THE DAY HURRICANE KATRINA HIT.  

Rabbi Bar-Ron later emailed Blueotter in late 2005, telling him of a meeting of UN Climatologists in Toronto, Canada that was startling fulfillment of Blueotter's March 1998 prophecy.  the Rabbi called the prophecy "the most detailed fulfillment of Prophecy in 2700 years" and characterized Blueotter as "A Prophet To The Nations."




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