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O'siyo (Hello) friends!

Firstly, before I introduce myself, you might be interested to know that years ago, I read in the Hopi Prophecy that the elders predicted long ago that it would be getting colder. Global Warming researchers discovered this fact THIS SUMMER when they were trapped by ice and had to be rescued.

Now that this cool/wet trend is materializing accompanied wit Global Warming of earth's poles, Science is now coming to realize that Ice Ages are preceded by Global Warming and/or increased Volcanism.

I am Will Anderson, "Blueotter." Pictured is myself, my late wife Betty and my son Joseph when he was aged 10. He is aged 28 as of 10/29/2013.

Now that Hurricane Katrina has all but destroyed New Orleans, little doubt can remain that the prophecy I received in March 1998 has been fulfilled.  In March of 1998, just before I woke up one morning,

I was told by a voice at Spring Equinox of 1998 "2005 will be known in the future as The Year of The Great Havoc, because the weather will become so bad as to possibly shut down all but the highest speed computers on the planet so WAKE UP AND WRITE THAT DOWN."

I was told in a dream by a moving scroll at May of 2006 to "seek a grant of $500,000 so that elders may travel in order to literally save the planet... more information will follow."

The first prophecy was beginning to be fulfilled as early as September of 2004, which is both the Hebrew (Jewish) and Cherokee New Years. That is when a Rabbi in Ramat beit Shemesh, Israel,  (who wishes to remain anonymous) unbeknownst to Blueotter, started watching for a fulfillment of the 2005 Year of The Great Havoc prophecy in the fall of 2004. The prophecy had been posted on this website since 2003, and on (and its earlier incarnations) since 1998. The Rabbi arrived in the USA on a prearranged meeting with Bnai Noach of Texas the day that Hurricane Katrina made landfall, and watched with horror.

The Rabbi advocates for The Noachide Laws, recognized by joint resolution of the U.S. Congress sin 1990 as the basis of all human civilization. "The future of the human race lies in [the Noachide laws]. If you come to be convinced of it, you will be much more precious to Israel than if you submit to the Torah of Israel. You will be the instrument of the Divine Providence to all mankind." - Rabbi Benamozeg to Aimé Pallière, The Unknown Sanctuary

Later in December of that year 2005, after reading a Canadian newspaper article out of Toronto about a group of UN Climatologists declaring 2005 to be a year of weather havoc, (click here if that live article was removed or expired)

The Rabbi decided something significant had happened. After reading that Canadian website, he contacted Blueotter, sent him the link, and characterized the fulfillment of that 1998 prophecy as "the most accurate fulfillment of prophecy in 2600 years" and said he believed that Blueotter may be a "Prophet to the Nations (Gentiles)" 

It is crystal clear now that Global caused by SOLAR SYSTEM Warming is responsible for the current killer hurricanes and other storms that feed on the higher temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico. The current "man made" "caused by man made emissions" politically correct cover story for Climate Change is totally BOGUS. When Planetary warming was FIRST noticed, most ALL planets in the Solar System were warming. Blame who you will -- Global Warming is happening, and so is increased Volcanism... all known to scientists called "climatologists" to be signs of a coming Ice Age -- something that was long ago predicted by The Hopi Prophecy.

High sunspot activity and "Coronal Mass Ejections" also seem to be part of the picture of our current climate change as we speed towards December 21, 2012 and the end of The Mayan Calendar.  

Dead Zones
are have been found in the world's oceans - The Pentagon is studying climate collapse.  Reuters News headline: "Fears that the earth is undergoing a mass species wipe-out". Swiss Re -- the world's second largest reinsuror -- is warning of climate catastrophe. The U.N. is warning the Middle East of  a  locust  plague  of  biblical proportions.  Leprosy is making a comeback. Pope John-Paul II, Oceanographers, Atmospheric Scientists, Solar Scientists, Glaciologists,, F.E.M.A., N.A.S.A. (listen) and even our growing plants are all now saying the same thing Creator told one of
us in 1998 -- that the weather worldwide will soon change drastically. The Gulfstream is shutting down. Volcanism is increasing, as it usually does during ice ages cycles. 

I was a confidant of the most well known medicine man of the modern era whose curative powers were investigated by the Menninger Foundation, John "Rolling Thunder" Pope, or "RT" for short. Leonard Peltier called RT "my medicine man." "RT" was an Art Bell show regular guest before his passing in January of 1997. Red Elk, the world-famous Twisted Hair Society medicine man who is a regular guest on Coast To Coast AM works with us, as did the late Metis author Robert Ghost Wolf who worked closely with the surviving Hopi Sinom, and was a friend (and for a while confessor) of Art Bell, one who has made about 70 appearances on Art Bell Show and Coast to Coast AM.

My most recent traditional teacher was Chief Joe Sitting Owl of The American Cherokee Society. Joe passed on 7 February 2014. Prior to Joe, I hung around with John Red Hat Duke of the Original Keetoowah Society. John passed away on 12/30/2003. Now that all my original teachers have "walked west," I am now a spokesman for the "White Roots of Peace Gatherings" traditional teachings. My teacher John Red Hat, who was born into the spiritual core (Long Hair Clan) of the spiritual core (Original Keetoowah Society or "Nighthawks") of the Cherokee Nation, may have "passed away" but he is visiting, through spirit, all his old friends giving encouragement.

Red Hat was recognized by the last duly constituted authority at Oraibi (Chief Mike) to have been the "True White Brother," having fulfilled all the prophecies but one -- return of the Sun Clan tablets.

I have published e-books (a trilogy actually) which were actually prophesied by the Iroquois elder and Sachem, Mad Bear Anderson, who founded the American Indian Unity Movement, and was a close friend of my traditional teacher Rolling Thunder. ?

I am prepared to discuss the Catholic, Tibetan, Islamic, Chigaraguan, and other prophecies which ALL PREDICT THREE DAYS (or more) OF DARKNESS SOON!

Darkness is also predicted by the famous Blackfoot Indian Crazy Horse.

I am prepared to discuss the true meaning of the Mayan Calendar 2012 Prophecies... no hype, just the facts from the Horses (Elder's) Mouths. It will "go down" a little differently than most people think it will.

I am also prepared to visit on the air with your guests about the soon coming Hopi "Purification Day," and how to prepare for it (Edgar Cayce let the cat out of the bag on how to get prepared AND that 2004 would see the beginning of a "new race")

I can discuss the REMARKABLE -- but little known -- May 2003 fulfillment of statements made in 1996 by Hopi Elders who are now all dead.

I can also discuss the Cherokee/Phoenician/Egyptian/Mayan/Sumerian/Atlantean connections in detail.

I am a legally recognized Chickamauga Cherokee Indian, aged 59 years in December 2013.

I published the first Multicultural/Native prophecy website on the Internet in mid-1996.

I am a former Oregon Military Dept. (Emergency Services and Security Branch) State Defense Force training officer, and also a former Country Music front man for a Grand Ole Opry artist. I am well-traveled and well-spoken... an alumnus of the world-famous singing goodwill ambassadors "Up With People!"and Up With People High School graduate, the world's only traveling mobile High School. I performed in Carnegie Hall at age 17.  I was a world-class competitive archer at age 16.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Youth Leadership and have worked for the Boy Scouts of America and Father Flanagan's Boys Home at Boystown, Nebraska and Youth Homes, Inc. at Rock Springs, WY.

I have a warm radio quality voice with a frank -- and sometimes comical -- manner. Red Elk calls me a "Walking Encyclopedia."

I will be available as a last minute as a fill-in guest if someone else cancels.

To fulfill BOTH traditional ways AND the mandate of the Hopi Elders to translate these teachings into all possible languages, all our information is available free at, or as a "purchase-in-support" of Prophecykeepers Radio as part of a preparedness "CD-ROM Library".

I will make available PROPHECYKEEPER CDROM BOOK PRIZES you may give away on the air, during my appearance, and one that you, the Talent, may "burn" for production staff -- so they may keep them as a gifts so that you all may become teachers also.


My family missed the May 1998 OK City Tornado by just 1/2 mile, enough to cause me to move them from the city to the rural Ozarks a few years ago to prepare for what is prophesied -- and to help prepare a gathering place for teaching elders and others of good heart. Soon after the death of my second wife Betty in August of 2007 while in Utah, I did a Mayan Vision Quest on my Mayan Birth Date in August of 2008. I was "told" at that time that I must "go east" and that I had "no choice." At that time I rankled at that prospect, but as things worked out that is exactly what happened... even though I originally fought the idea tooth and nail. 

I was moved by Creator to the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee in May of 2010... unbeknownst to me one, of the safest place in the United States.

The most recent "word" I received from Creator in early February of 2014 was "WAR IS COMING."

Thank You!

Will Blueotter

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