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This Week's Guest Is:

Sat 10.16.04 >>
Harvey Arden
Harvey's website

Author/Editor of:
[Image]Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders

[Image]Dreamkeepers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia

[Image]Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King

[Image]Travels in a Stone Canoe: The Return to the Wisdomkeepers

[Image]Prison Writings: My Life is My Sun Dance by Leonard Peltier

[Image]White Buffalo Teachings by Arvol Looking Horse

[Image]Wisdom's Daughters by Steve Wall

Harvey Arden

Over the past few years I have given readings/lectures on the Dreamkeepers and the Wisdomkeepers at Harvard, Columbia, CalTech, USC, the University of South Dakota (Vermillion), Briarcliffe College (Sioux City, IA), etc etc etc. I've given readings from Peltier's PRISON WRITINGS and Mathew King's book NOBLE RED MAN to audiences in schools, churches, museums, private homes, coffee shops, public auditoriums and theaters in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, New Orleans, Washington DC, Cape Cod, Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire etc., and many other smaller towns. I've also given scores of readings at Borders and Barnes and Noble (and many, many other) bookstores across the country I've been interviewed on NPR (national "Public Interest" show, twice), also on many many other radio stations. I was for 23 years a staff writer at National Geographic Magazine. A play of mine on Leonard Peltier, already performed at USD, is in the early stages of a professional production. My books have been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Japanese...with Greek and Swedish in the works.

Read more on Harvey's website

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