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This is John Hogue's second Prophecykeepers Radio Interview. He speaks about events that he believes will be happening soon, and describes how Nostradamus predicted the Great Indina Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in GREAT detail.

John Hogue is a regular guest on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Noory, heard by over 10,000,000 people worldwide. 

John Hogue


FOR 2006


(PART 2)

The trial of Saddam Hussein in Iraq "has" become a show trial as I predicted. The former dictator in 2006 will successfully promote a myth of defiance that radical Arab movements will admire for decades to come.

In November 2004, I had predicted that if Bush became president America would be in a major Middle Eastern war with Iraq half way through his first term. I said Saddam would soon fall in the invasion, but the US occupation would become a second Vietnam.

Commenting on that prophecy a year ago in December 2004 in a HogueProphecy Bulletin I documented the following observation that is even more pertinent for the year 2006:

"One aspect of my prophecy of four years ago [November 2000] is right on schedule: The war and occupation of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship 'have' destabilized the Middle East. It would seem Nostradamus' 27-year war of the Third Antichrist has indeed begun. The timing of Saddam's quick fall and quick lynching soon next year gives his dark destiny one last claim to be the 'first to fall' in Nostradamus' Third Antichrist prophecies.

"Consider how the near future could worsen, by design or by chance when Saddam dies. His execution will come in 2005 or 2006 at the latest, just when the US military occupation of Iraq is most likely to collapse and a three-way civil war erupts between Kurds, Sunni and Shia Iraqis. The Middle East begins to sink into a widening chaos. Shortly after Saddam's execution, American forces in Iraq find themselves flanked by terrorists undermining the Saudi Arabian rulers to the West. To the East, Shia dominated Iran, a burgeoning nuclear power, openly finances and arms Shia Iraqis in their fight against Sunnis, Kurds and American occupying troops. In the year that Saddam is executed, or shortly afterwards, tensions between the US and Iran lead to a US-Israeli air strike of Iranian command centers, missile and air bases and nuclear weapon manufacturing sites. Iran pumps thousands of troops and irregulars into Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Americans there. Iranian Shahab and Fateh missiles rain down on US bases around the Persian Gulf, in Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. They fall on the Green Zone in Baghdad. They fall on Israel--a nuclear power with approximately 200 to 400 atomic warheads. When Saddam falls forever, and the war widens, will dreams of Israeli and Palestinian peace be dead? Will Israel strike Iran with her own weapons of mass destruction?

"If all these escalations should transpire and consume the entire Middle Eastern region, the land of biblical Armageddon, in the year or shortly after the year of Saddam Hussein's execution, what then can Nostradamus watchers conclude about the timing?

"Would Saddam Hussein yet become 'Mabus' [the Third Antichrist] the 'first to fall' from which 'shortly after' comes a 'terrible destruction of people and animals' across the Middle East? Was this what Nostradamus saw?"

The year 2006 will find Saddam making the most out of being a false martyr. The name "Saddam" in Arabic means "the one who confronts." Saturn in Leo is Saddam's time. He will exploit his final act on history's stage to the fullest unto his end.

Now a word on the stars and war.

Mundane astrology is another name for the art of predicting world events and the destiny of nations by using star and planetary configurations. This prophetic art cautions us to heed the danger of war erupting whenever Mars is in either in the constellations of Aries (God of War) or in Leo (the God of egomania if in negative aspect). With this in mind, let us examine quickly two astrological prophecies of Nostradamus to see if new war or a widening war in the Middle East could happen in 2006.

Century 1, Quatrain 15 says:

Mars nous menasse par la force bellique,

Septante foys sera le sang espandre:

Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique,

Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront entendre.

Mars, you menace by the force of war,

Seventy times will he cause blood to be shed:

Increase and ruin for the Clergy,

And more for those who will desire to hear nothing from them.

Here are the possible windows for World War III appearing as a plague of 70 ethnic wars on Earth when the Catholic Church is besieged by secularists and jihadist who do not listen to their teachings. I published the following in 1997 on pp. 79-80 of my book "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies":

"In the 21st century I would expect the highest potential for war when Mars enters Aries at the same time Saturn enters its two-year transit of Leo (2005-2007) and again when Mars is in Leo in June-July 2006, and in Aries again at the end of the Saturn transit of Leo in May-June 2007."

I still remain hopeful, as I did in 1997, that the prophecy above is about a time window for war a few decades from now. Back then I finished my dissertation on 1 Q15 with this coda:

"The next time Mars aspects Aries and Leo several times during a Saturn-Leo transit (August 2034-October 2036) is during the final degrees of Neptune's transit of Aries. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous time for a third world war in the next century because this would come when the planet's ecology food and water sustainability reached a critical stress point due to pollution and overpoulation. This final and deadly scenario can be avoided if humanity gets now serious about pollution control and zero population growth."

A more specific astrological prophecy calculating the times of war comes from the right interpretation of Century 4, Quatrain 67 of Nostradamus:

L'an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,

L'air fort seiché, longue traiection:

Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust

Peu pluye, vent chault, guerres, incursions.

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,

The air is very dry, a long comet:

From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,

Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

Let us review what I wrote in 1997 about Saturn and Mars being the triggers for new wars or the escalation of current wars on p. 350 of "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies":

"When Saturn and Mars are 'equally fiery' that means they are conjoined in a fire sign, preferably one of those most responsible for wars and raids, Aries or Leo. Many 20th century wars and military offensives parallel this aspect. For example, in September through early November of 1917 Saturn and Mars were in Leo during the climax of several campaigns during the third year of World War I. This time window gave us a view of the Third Battle of Ypres, the first and second battles of Passchendaele on the Western Front, the eleventh Battle of Isonzo and the Battle of Caporetto on the Italian Front. In addition, Allenby's campaign in Palestine against the Turks was reaching its climax.

"In World War II Saturn entered Aries about the time Hitler's forces entered Warsaw in late September 1939 and was equally fiery with Mars in Aries all through the terrible Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1939-40.

"Mars and Saturn were again together in Leo during the Indian Partition of autumn 1947, when over 10 million people were displaced and forced to wander over the dusty tracks of the dry months of autumn to find new homes in the newly divided countries of India and Pakistan. The two planets passed through Leo exactly during the same time period that the bloody riots and sectarian strife of the partition killed an estimated one million Hindus and Moslems. Mars joined Saturn in Aries at the onset of the Tet Offensive in January and February of 1968, when Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops made a surprise attack on 30 towns in South Vietnam, including the capital, Saigon, and Hue.

"Mars was in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius during the great Iranian human wave offensive of early 1987 during the First Gulf War (Iran vs. Iraq). Saturn and Mars were in Aries in April of 1996, when hundreds of katyushka rockets launched by Hizbullah rebels in southern Lebanon unleashed the greatest Israeli air, sea, and land bombardment since their invasion of Lebanon in 1982."

The next "equally fiery" configuration of Mars and Saturn comes in June-July of 2006 when both planets are equally fiery in the sign of Leo.

Ten years ago my contacts to the Israeli Cabalist community told me that in 2006 Israel might face crisis and a major war.

Dr. Louis Turi recently came to a similar conclusion calculating the stars using a medieval astrological discipline most likely practiced by Nostradamus himself. One that marks the significance of aspects with the natal position or transit of the earth's north and south nodes in a chart--otherwise known as the Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail. In his recently released predictions for the New Year (See, Dr. Turi explained that the Dragon's head transit into Pisces will spark a Middle Eastern war.

This transit happens in June 2006!

If only level heads in Israel, Iran and the Arab nations would use Saturn in Leo's fire to launch new peace initiatives rather than war. So many astrological factors conspire against a peaceful passage through June-July of 2006 because of the collective unawareness of our leaders and people to the influential forces of Saturn and Mars "equally fiery" in Leo. Ultimatums, dictatorial stubbornness, reactive passions rule the hot days of the next summer. One hopes that they will be a time for peace, but it looks more like a time for war.

Here is the list with the planet and the constellation noted of other times to come when Mars and Saturn are "equally fiery."

Dec 2006, Jan. 2007--Mars (Sagittarius) Saturn (Leo)

May/June 2007--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Leo)

Feb/Mar 2015--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sagittarius)

Sept/Oct 2016--Both in Sagittarius

Jan-Mar 2017--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sagittarius)

July-Sept 2017--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Sagittarius)

May-June 2025--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)

April/May 2026--Both in Aries!

Oct/Nov 2026--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)

The final three times show these planets in the strongest aspect for setting the world on fire in wars. May we avert that future now by beginning the process of transforming anger into compassionate deeds.

On this New Year's Eve the great forces of history pause before the first hour for a new and decisive year strikes in human destiny.

Dan Oldenburg, my astrological consultant on a number of my earlier books, reminded me of the following, just a few days ago. He said, "The grand cross in (Tropical) mid-Fixed [signs] is happening right now. Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Aquarius. It's close to the so-called Occult Gates (15 degrees Fixed), so there's a lot of HIDDEN but very powerful stuff going on in all secret societies right now... Big decisions being made regarding direction and emphasis that will reverberate for a long time."

What positive resolutions can an individual make to turn crisis into transformation while living through such a new year as 2006?

I would like to give an answer to all of your most frequently asked questions on this matter. I tenderly invite you to consider only those observations that resonate in your hara-heart.

QUESTION: What do you see next for the coming decades?


A century of evolutionary crisis for the human race. The time has finally come to begin growing. We have not evolved much beyond the physical. Now consciousness must evolve or it will vanish from this earth. We enter the travail of a hundred years. Bear down on the contractions with joy and expectation of the coming birth of a new humanity, rather than dwell upon the pain of that birth process.

QUESTION: It feels like the world is just spiraling out of it?


The old human being is dying. Let him die in peace. Let not the old human drag down into his grave those who want to grow and evolve. He will try. He will not succeed.

QUESTION: Do you have any words of comfort or advice in this time?


Comfort is a sentiment of the old man. Leave it behind. Be challenged and excited, not burdened and fearful, of the coming times. Comfort nourishes our habit to be unconscious and mechanical personalities seeking the fulfillment of false dreams that ever turn into nightmares.

The sleeper must awaken from comfort and from habit. Rise and spread your wings of reality. Bright is the daylight of human reality in consciousness. Bright and blissful is the reality that dispels the shadows of our personalities and their murky "comforting" dreams.

QUESTION: What can we do to stop this dire future and turn it all around?


Flow with the awakening new era of the Aquarian Age. The dying age of Pisces was an era overshadowed by superstition and blind belief. Aquarius is about science and experiencing truth. It will not be an age for "believers" but for "knowers," "experiencers" and spiritual "explorers." Faith will pass away and in its place will be "Trust."

Faith and Trust aren't the same thing. Faith is borrowed from the outside. We are trained to have faith in this or that. Trust, however, is something from within. It is a force, and expression of our consciousness and innate love. It needs no one to be trustworthy of its trust. It can even trust the unknowable. Trust gives wings to the soul's flight through pathless awareness of its being.

QUESTION: So many people are in so much pain...What can I do?


Become a meditator, a practitioner of the spiritual science of Self-Observation. If you wish to end pain and suffering, then look first within and understand the mechanics of your own adopted and programmed pain and suffering. Society in its unconsciousness makes us habituated to being divided and fearful personalities--we wear "persona" (masks)--over the original face of our being.

Meditation techniques are available to help us catch a glimpse of a world that is right here, right now--existing in pure "effect" without a need for a "cause." I can share with you links to the books and meditation techniques of my own teacher, if you but give me permission. These techniques have helped me weather these stormy times with more joy and serenity than I could ever possibly imagine.

I wish to conclude by wishing you all a happy and centered spirit that celebrates the challenges and trials of the new year and years to come.

Always remember...

Out of chaos, stars are born. Out of travail comes a new child. Summer's bloom of summer past must die so that new spring growth flourishes. Seasons of the cosmos are like seasons of the year. Pisces leaves fade and are underfoot in the winter of crisis. We enter that change now. Celebrate the passage as best you can, for dying winter leaves of Pisces passing, seed the flowers of the coming Aquarian "spring."




With Whitley Strieber--Host



I will appear on Whitley Strieber's free Cyber radio show Dreamland on 6 January 2006. We will assess prophecies I made two years earlier for 2003 and 2004, plus look at the coming year of 2006. Following right after Whitley's interview, is a special show for paying subscribers. Please sign up so you can hear it. Cutting edge mythologist William Henry, will host a unique interview about prophecy, mythology and predicton with me. Go to for more details. I hope you will all listen in.

Happy New Year,

John Hogue

Rogue Scholar/Author:

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